Escape the Chill & Chill

The cold hurts. I dread walking out my front door and feeling the bitter wind. I struggle making friends with the dismal-colored sky. The sun sets before I get out of class some days. I become annoyed when my outfit is ruined by having to add more layers...

But I have come to appreciate this season. That doesn't mean I'm a huge fan, by any means. I've come to discover winter as a season of rest. The sun setting early lures me indoors where I can wrap myself up in blankets, justified by the cold. There is a period of relaxing between when the sun sets and when I'm ready for bed. This is something the summer (my favorite season) doesn't offer.

As much as I wish I could live under the warm sun all year long, I have accepted this cold season as a blessing. Of course, one of my ways of accepting the season is by taking photos. When the cold becomes unbearable, I bring my camera inside. Anything that forces me to be more creative, I appreciate. This season has opened me up to photo opportunities I wouldn't have thought of in another season.

Each season has its own beauty to offer, whether it is one of earth's four, or one of the many seasons experienced in life.


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